We are potential engines.

We are potential engines.

Or, You get out exactly what you put in.

I love to ride bikes because it is one of those things where you get out exactly what you put in. You push down on the pedals and you go faster. Once you get better at riding you learn how to smooth out your pedal strokes so that it is one smooth continuous circular motion. You learn how to get even more out of the same process. You are pedalling more efficiently, more quickly, using more muscle groups and you’re having more fun.

I want to get more out of each day and find ways to change my experience from just pushing down on the pedals to really getting the absolute maximum potential for enjoyment out of each day. The pushing down on the pedals is the hard way — just slogging away.

Being mindful and finding things that kill enjoyment (being critical, negative, cynical thinking) and systematically rejecting them is how to get into to the smooth effortless flow. That’s a happier place to be I think.

Work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it.

You get out what you put in. On the bike that means effort = speed. It’s that simple, you put in hours, you put in effort, you get faster, and you get stronger.

In my working life I think that translates to good intent = satisfaction. In every aspect of my life so far I see evidence that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So I’ve decided that I need to make my goal to bring as much enthusiasm, friendliness and energy to everything I do and hopefully the little snow-globe that is my part of the world will change to suit that.

Postscript: This picture inspired this post. It was one of those moments that you realise a.) how little in control of the world you are, and b.) how in control of your own circumstances and attitude you are.

Originally posted on my Medium page.