Screenprinting for fun at home


Download: Screenprinting for Fun at Home (Requires Acrobat)

Every now and again I run a screen printing workshop for AGDA, and to begin with, I wrote up these notes for the nice people who came along. I thought It’d be good to share this – as it turns out there’s a lot of people out there interested in this stuff. When I started looking into making my own home screen printing setup I found it difficult to get simple information explaining how it works. So here it is. I hope it helps you!

It’s free to download, so please grab yourself a copy and feel free to pass it on to others if you think it’s useful. This is the third revision, so if you would like me to clarify or add more information email me, and I’ll see what I can do!

Download – Screenprinting for fun at home.

14 June 2010 – Thanks: Kai Howells of Automatica for spotting a repeated section and suggesting more information on registration. (I also added in new illustrations, info about buying and mixing inks and heat setting artwork.)

14 August 2013 – Various small fixes & updates. New section on making good quality film.

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