Backburner art show graphic design by Onetonne in Hobart


Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Letterpress, Print

Backburner asks the question – what happens if you let graphic designers do whatever they want – no clients, no limitations? Designing for a room full of graphic designer is a daunting task – the best way to a designers heart is via type. So we delivered a simple type based poster design, that could be letterpressed. Then for the poster run, we had a series of different hand-set headlines which we changed over while on the printing press. The result was a truly bespoke and collectable response to the project brief. We also designed and printed the show catalogue digitally to pair with the handprinted poster series.

This was also an opportunity to showcase our love of copy. We believe right down in our bones, that words are important and we had a series of fun headlines that were perfectly targeted at the creative community. Some of the headlines still make us smile when we think of them. We’ve also seen these posters in creative studios around the state and they’re the best embodiment of a simple, targeted message speaking to the right person.

This project won the 2017 Diemen Award for Poster Design, and was a finalist for the 2017 Grand Diemen in the prestigious design parent category.