4SHAW Design by Onetonne


Branding, Copywriting, Print, Sport, Web + Mobile

Ride more than you don’t.

4SHAW is a rapidly growing boutique cycling brand. Having successfully made the transition from cycling specific socks and diversifying into a broad range of cycling accessories and apparel, Dion Shaw sought out our help to grow his brand.

At first, that consisted of a refining and documenting the brand mark into a solid and reliable set of brand guidelines. 4SHAW partners with manufacturers all over the world and being able to communicate the details of the brand to those suppliers was a key first step.

From there, we started developing new packaging, artwork and providing a unified design style. Sometimes we come in after a brand has really started to develop and in this case, we are providing a true design partnership where we help refine, but still keep the core essence of what was already a successful and growing brand.