32 Hour Work Week

“When people aren’t over worked, that chance for that lightbulb moment, that epiphany moment, are increased.” Related: Happy Mondays.

5 Years.

So … I’ve been self employed for 5 years. A few ups and a few downs, but on balance, a pretty awesome time so far. I can’t imagine working for anyone else. It’s weird as early on you always feel like you’re an imposter and “the fun police” are going to take away the business […]

Do one thing.

The best tools are simple, beautiful and functional. A good tool or idea feels great as soon as you start working with it. There’s a rightness to things that work well. Design is a process of figuring out how to make something work and developing a design is about discovering the rightness of an idea […]

Make the call today.

This is your daily affirmation. If you’re looking for a reason to do something, take a chance or make the change, the time is now. Each day you have the time and the energy, but you choose to spend it on other things. It’s simply a question of priorities and willingness to lose a bit […]

Introducing Print Dev 42

Onetonne is proud to support the pilot evening of Print Dev 42 in partnership with Poco People and AGDA. Web Dev 42 has been running successfully here in Hobart and we’re keen encourage visual designers to get to together to learn how to make better artwork, enjoy a drink and otherwise build a better design […]

Consider the Dominoes

Here is a Wonderful short piece on re-considering your approach to your workload. I have been chronically guilty of this in the past and Happy Mondays was one step in a larger plan to try and strike the right balance between workload and looking after everyone. I always want to help everyone but that’s not […]

Bikes saved me (& you).

It’s hard to describe exactly how or even exactly when, but bikes saved me. They pulled me out of a dark spot and they reconnected me with old friends and helped me find new ones. The weird thing is that this sentiment is so common amongst riders that it barely rates a mention other than […]